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Our dental care is centred around 2 fundamental principals; Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Biomimetics.

What does Minimally Invasive Dentistry mean? It is the application of "a systematic respect for the original tissue,” and is a concept that embraces all aspects of our care. For every patient, the common denominator is tissue preservation. This starts with us identifying your risk to dental decay and gum disease so we able to tailor your preventative needs with predictability. In doing so we can prevent disease from occurring, or intercept its progress with as little tissue loss as possible. We have always practised evidence based dentistry and now, alongside the advancement in predictable adhesive technologies, the motives and opportunities for minimally invasive dentistry are at hand. It is our job to incentivise you,our patients, to invest in procedures that help avoid unnecessary dentistry.

What is a Biomimetic Approach?

The concept of biomimetics in dentistry aims to enable us to restore the biomechanical, structural and aesthetic integrity of the tooth. By using adhesive technology in combination with porcelain and composite materials we aim to provide, not just beautiful natural restorations with little or no destruction of healthy tooth tissue, but to restore and even surpass the original structural strength of the teeth.