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Fixed Braces – Traditional Style

Traditional style fixed braces are attached to the outside surfaces of the teeth. With advances in orthodontic technology the brackets used are now very small and less obvious. In most circumstances we can use clear/porcelain brackets.
Using records taken at the initial consultation, our clinical team work closely with our laboratory technicians to pre-set each individual component of the appliance in the most ideal position prior to fitting. This makes for a faster, more comfortable fitting procedure and ensures complete accuracy for the very best end results!

Our orthodontist will select a treatment plan and appointment schedule to best suit your lifestyle and will always use very gentle, low-force movements to ensure minimal discomfort.

Fixed braces are suitable for nearly every dental problem and can be used on patients of all ages.

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Lingual Braces – A Bespoke Option
Lingual braces are adhered to the inside surfaces of the teeth for complete discretion, providing you with the confidence to carry on with day to day life and allowing the gradual changes to be observed as they happen.
This appliance is entirely bespoke and manufactured in Germany using the very latest in CAD-CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) technology. Our orthodontist works alongside the approved laboratory team to adjust and refine the appliance design, ensuring the very best fit and excellent end results.

Lingual braces can, in some cases, have limitations and may not be suitable for everyone – this will be confirmed during your orthodontic consultations with us.

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Clear Aligners- The modern Alternative

Aligners are a modern alternative to more traditional wire and bracket appliances. The treatment involves a series of clear custom fitted aligners to be worn over the teeth. Each aligner in the series is slightly different to the previous; this gradually moves your teeth into the desired positions.

The clear aligners are almost unnoticeable and allow patients to brush and floss their teeth as they normally would, helping maintain a high standard of oral health throughout treatment.

Prior to manufacture, an online 3D simulation of your teeth will be created. The orthodontist will be able to adjust and refine your individualised treatment plan and you’ll be given the opportunity to view the planned movements and finished results before we begin.

Aligners are suitable for a variety of cases and can be used on patients of all ages.

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Retention – At the heart of life long results

We believe this to be the most important phase of your treatment. The correct method and supervision of retention will guarantee life-long results.

Following orthodontic treatment your teeth will be maintained using a combination of fixed and removable retainers. The fixed retainers are tiny wires fitted behind your front teeth – usually the first four or six teeth in the upper and lower arches.
Retention is an integral part of your treatment. To ensure a life-long stable result, we offer you the opportunity to allow us to monitor your retainers for a minimum of 12 months after their fitting.

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Hygiene & Care – You’re well looked after

We will only place braces in healthy, well looked-after mouths. Throughout your treatment your oral hygiene will be closely supervised and advice given where needed.
After your braces are fitted we encourage you to see the hygienist; she will explain your cleaning plan and provide you with a variety of useful cleaning aids individual to your mouth and braces. We always stipulate that patients must maintain their regular dental and hygiene appointments with their general dentist and hygienist during the orthodontic treatment. This holistic approach is essential for good oral health.

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