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Sorriso Dentistry

Our Philosophy
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Welcome to Sorriso Dentistry, bringing general dentistry and specialist dental services to Beaconsfield.

From the moment you see our practice, you will understand why Sorriso Dentistry stands out. We are proud of our beautiful practice within a renovated barn. We offer a range of services to ensure your complete dental care. All backed by our level of expertise and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Our philosophy is clear and we apply it to all our patients of all ages; long term dental and oral health is at the centre of our care:

Regular dental examinations are important. We don’t just to check your teeth and gums. We ensure we carry out a full screen of the oral tissues.  Regular dental hygiene visits and implementing preventative regimes in your routine care, minimise the need for unnecessary dentistry.

Any concerns or worries you may have will disappear when you see our calm and relaxed practice. We understand some patients are apprehensive about their visit to the dentist (nervous patient care), so don’t be afraid to tell us.  We will ensure your visit to us is a positive one and our caring team will do their utmost to assist you in building confidence in us.

Ask us as many questions as you like- we want you to feel comfortable when you visit us, and fully informed when any treatment be required. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of modern dentistry, and together with our skills and experience, know that you will be in the best of hands.


Having problems with your teeth can leave you feeling self conscious & frustrated, and affect your confidence & self esteem.

We can clean your teeth, offering a full range of hygiene services.

We can whiten your teeth; offering custom made home kits or in-surgery options

Allow us to straighten your teeth choosing the best fixed brackets and wires or the ever popular Invisalign™ clear aligner system, to best suit your needs. 

Patients are retaining their teeth longer; teeth endure far more wear and tear. But keeping abreast with  modern dental materials and adhesive techniques means we can repair broken teeth for you, so that they look and feel great. We only use best dental materials on the market and work with top dental laboratories to make your crowns, veneers and onlays

We can replace your teeth deciding the option that best suits your needs: Dental implants are the optimal solution these days, but if this isn’t right for you, we can explore bridges and dentures instead. 

Then there is the magic of a smile makeover; we have the ability and skill to bring together a combination of our dental services to ensure we create the best possible result for you!

Your patient journey with us

Where treatment is required, we ensure a thorough examination and complete diagnosis, keeping you fully informed at all times- we want you to feel assured that you are fully cared for.

During your first appointment we take our time and won’t rush you. We can listen to you, get to know you and learn from you. That way we can find out what it is you want to change to improve your oral health and teeth.

We review your medical and dental history before carrying out a detailed clinical assessment of the muscles of the jaw and  jaw joints, followed by the oral tissues, teeth and gums. We recommend taking X-rays and photographs to assist us in planning any necessary treatment for you.

Taking your needs into consideration, we create a plan tailored to you and your dental health needs.

If this is a more detailed plan, we will include all the alternative options available to you, a schedule of appointments and time frame involved with treatment, together with an estimate of fees. We educate you on the importance of long term maintenance of your treatment; on how you can manage this and how we can assist you in keeping motivated!

Where more advanced or complex treatments are planned, we will always keep you informed of any adjunctive necessary diagnostic modalities like study casts and CBCT scans.

We arrange appointments in advance so that they fit in with your schedule.

And lastly, the most important bit. We will go out of our way to ensure that all treatment you receive runs at the pace that suits you, and is as comfortable and pain free as possible. We always keep in touch with you immediately after any treatment carried out, ensuring we are on hand if you have any worries or concerns.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to care for you- its an experience like no other.


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Say goodbye to stained, Yellow or discoloured teeth



It pays to have a straight & confident smile with our orthodontics treatments



It pays to have a straight & confident smile with our orthodontics treatments

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