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Children's dentistry

Childhood is considered the most important period in a person’s ‘dental life’. For some, a visit to the dentist can stir up emotions from apprehension to anxiety.

Starting with their first visit to us, we build a rapport with them; we understand the importance of talking to them about their visit and always explaining what we are doing, to help alleviate fears. We firmly believe that this approach prepares children to enter adulthood with a positive attitude towards dental health, which centres around our philosophy of implementing preventative regimes in their routine care against decay and gum disease.

The promotion of healthy young smiles is our mission!

Our services include regular dental checks, advising their first visit at 12-18 months once the first teeth are through. We can identify any risk factors early on and discuss these with you. We review their toothbrushing habits, discuss the importance of diet, and its relationship with tooth decay. Most importantly, it gives them a ‘dental home’, a place where both you and your child feel comfortable and assured should you need to turn to us for any problems.

We will check their dental development, as from the age of 5-6 years old, their mouths are a hub of activity with adult teeth beginning to come through. We will assist you in implementing a tailored ‘at home’ preventative regime to suit your child, including the use of fluoride in toothpastes, gels and mouthwashes, as well as seeing our hygienists for regular child hygiene visits. Where appropriate, they will also carry out fluoride applications and fissure sealing of permanent teeth.

For our older children, we will also keep an eye on their facial growth and dental development from an orthodontic perspective, so that we are able to intercept any early problems and then begin the process of braces at the correct age, if they wish.

We keep up to date with protocols for oral and dental trauma so you are assured that we are treating any such injuries the best we can.

Let’s not underestimate the importance of sports mouthguards. Their fragile, young teeth must be protected during contact sports like rugby, hockey, lacrosse and martial arts. We make customised mouthguards; well fitting and adapted to accommodate any new teeth that might be appearing soon. We know these t well and so will be worn by them. And available in a range of colours, we guarantee to keep our most discerning young patients happy!

Children's hygiene services

Caring for your child’s teeth can be challenging! With the help of our hygienists, they will be able to advise, guide and assist you on the best ‘at home’ techniques and regime. This ensures your child has positive oral hygiene habits that we can continually adapt as their mouths grow to accommodate adult teeth. We want to educate and motivate them so they understand the importance of a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth.

What to expect during our children’s hygiene appointment:
A dental hygiene examination to evaluate how effectively they are brushing.

We apply disclosing solution to highlight areas on the teeth which they may be missing during daily brushing. They are then given a demo on how to improve their cleaning techniques and shown what they need to do differently with toothbrushes, and adjuncts if necessary. As the adult teeth grow, their small mouths can be a challenging place to keep clean!

Scaling of the teeth to remove any calculus build up, and polishing to brighten their smiles.

An opportunity to discuss their diet with you and provide advice on changes which reduce the incidence of early childhood tooth decay.

Sealing the ssures on their teeth. A coating is painted on to the ssures of the back teeth. The sealant forms a protective layer that prevents food and bacteria from getting stuck in the tiny grooves in the teeth and causing decay.

Application of special uoride coatings to strengthen the immatute enamel of their teeth.

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