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Whilst crowns are an excellent solution for covering up badly damaged teeth, an onlay is a far more conservative choice offering protection from further breakage. We choose the best dental materials to suit your needs and ensure these always look beautiful.

Cracks, or leaking fillings, cause pain, sensitivity and discomfort on biting and eating. Worst case, these can cause teeth to crack or split catastrophically. Onlays brace and stiffen the teeth, at the same time sealing off cracks and crazes, thus reducing their propagation further, and alleviating symptoms.

Increasing numbers of patients benefit from onlays and crowns: Patients are retaining their teeth longer and with time and associated increased wear and tear, these teeth suffer more cracks and crazing. In adult and older patients, many of these teeth have been previously filled with extensive amalgam fillings that further weaken the core structure of the tooth.

An onlay sits over and covers the biting surfaces of the tooth, placed to protect the tooth from high biting forces we exert on our teeth when biting and chewing, and builds up its shape; it is bonded on to the tooth. Liken a crown to a ‘russian hat’-it wraps around the head and ears, whilst an onlay is similar to a ‘baseball cap’- sitting tightly and snuggly on the top of the head!

Onlays are made of composite, porcelain or gold which are bonded onto the biting surface of the tooth. They are custom made by our laboratory technicians to fit accurately over the tooth.

The decision to provide a crown or onlay to a back tooth will be discussed with you based on the diagnosis and our clinical and radiographic findings. At Sorriso Dentistry, we use with the traditional materials and the more advanced porcelain equivalents and so you can trust us to discuss the best solutions for you to create a great looking smile.

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